Juanita Wellings

Doll and marionette artist - Australia -

Enrolled in the Princess cat, Shoe House, the fairy Tale carriage, the little charactersthe Dollhouse and the Christmas Workshops

I had some experience with papier mache and using paper clay for hand sculpting but not using her techniques and c ertainly had no idea as to the sophistication of the methods that she uses and the amazing results that are possible with such basic materials.

I could hardly wait to see what her secrets might be! And, although I have not produced finished work from the classes as yet I have looked at the varieties of techniques and am still excited about it all.

It helped me in many ways. Inspiration for my own designs, satisfaction in seeing things work out in less time than would have been required if I was attempting to figure things out for myself. The pleasure of seeing what other people are doing. And, just the absolute amazement at how gorgeous her work is.

I liked the works themselves and also discovering that even she has moments when things might not go quite as she has planned! I love her presentation and am aware that she must have invested a huge amount of time and inspirational effort in producing these courses. And mulberry paper! What an absolutely fantastic thing it is! I love it.

I would recommend these workshops Even for someone who might have no interest in doing anything that might be considered art I think that just the processes involved and the satisfaction of seeing what can be made would be absolutely wonderful.