Judith Rankine

DollArtist - Usa - Cricket's collectibles

Enrolled in the Princess Cat, Accessories, Shoe House, The Fairy Tale carriage, the Dollhouse and the Christmas Workshops



When I first saw Merveilles en Papier’s image of a “Boot House” while searching the internet for fairy shoes, I fell in love with the beauty of this paper technique. I searched for more information and found the blog and all of the videos of Laetitia’s creations. I really wanted to learn how to create with this technique. My dream came true when the Princess Cat Workshop was announced.

I signed up immediately and started gathering all of my supplies. And the Magic began. I struggled with my first painting of the background papers but with my second attempt I succeeded in creating the beautiful paper that I used for the Princess’s costume.

I loved turning the plain white paper into beautiful designs and I painted and painted. I realized that by following Laetitia’s instructions step by step, I was learning the techniques that she used to create her masterpieces. The workshop is very extensive and well organized.

The videos work perfectly and every topic is covered in steps that are easy to follow. I had wanted to learn how to create with paper and the expertise that I gained was beyond my expectations ! Laetitia expertly guided us through all of the creative processes. She carefully watched our progress, giving us encouragement and suggestions as we traveled our path through the course and published our photos on our Princess Workshop Facebook Page.

And there was another amazing surprise. I met interesting and talented people from all over the world through our Facebook pages. All languages are translated so we were able to communicate with ease. The course has been a marvelous and magical experience that I never imagined when I saw that first image of the amazing “Boot House”.

And now I will enter this Enchanting World again in my next Course to create a crown and scepter for my wonderful Princess Cat.