Michelle Jae Andrews

Fabric and Paper artist - Australia - Page


Enrolled in the fairy Tale Carriage and the Dollhouse Workshops



I am an Australian visual Artist, working mostly in textiles and paper .

I am also a painter. So I came to this course very confident in my skills. Even so, I have learnt such a lot of techniques that were new to me and challenged me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


Laetitia’s teaching style is very friendly and generous, and she presents with meticulous detail. The content was far more than I imagined!

If you are a beginner, have no worries. Laetitia will guide you carefully. If you are an artist, just go for it! There is plenty of room and encouragement for self-expression. If you are a lover of fantasy, this workshop is for you!

Don’t hesitate. You have the chance to immerse yourself in a fairytale and play with imagination again! And that’s what I liked the most: the opportunity to realize my childhood fantasies and beloved stories.