Sally Redfield

DollArtist - Usa -

Enrolled in the Shoe House, the Dollhouse and the Christmas Workshops



I had done some paper mache before but I still learned so much from this workshop , not only new techniques but I also refined some other techniques I’d used.

I had some hesitation, wondering what the workshop would be like. Would the instruction be clear enough? Would I have questions with no one there to answer them?

All those concerns were unfounded, I found that all the instruction I needed was available, any questions I had were answered promptly, and I loved the inspiration of the other participants.

I don’t know if I can say what I liked the most, I liked so many things. I liked the inspiration, I liked the details and the techniques. I liked that the instructor made mistakes and then showed how to fix them. That was very handy. It really helps when you see what to do in case things need to be corrected and often times you only get the perfect technique in an online workshop so I thought that was a big advantage.

I would definitely recommend any of the workshops. I learned so much and was so inspired! I’m so glad I took this workshop and I’m planning to take as many more as I can in the future.