Stephanie Crist

- Usa -

Enrolled in the Princess cat, the Shoe House, the Dollhouse and the fairy tale carriage

If a novice such as myself can learn these paper techniques, anyone can.

And they are soooooo much fun to do!!!

I was not familiar with any paper techniques or paper sculpting before taking these classes.I had so much fun and learned so much from them. I love working with my hands and I knew the classes would be challenging, but Laetitia is such a wonderful teacher as she explains everything in detail.

She also shows you step by step how to do everything you need to know. I find the faces the hardest to do, as I want them to look exactly like Laetitia's, but I have been really happy with the outcomes.

If you like working with your hands and love to challenge yourself, I would recommend these classes. I have made several animals and a boot house and am really proud of them. I would never hesitate to take these wonderful classes .