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March Update:

I will come back at the end of May/ june via email to all the aprentices who are joining for this weekend with all the practical details,  and details of the weekend's creative programm. If you need a specific information  to organize your trip feel free to email me !

What's the purpose of this weekend  ?

To meet other Apprentices Magicians, like minded people  who followed the workshops (groups and skypes) and share the same interest,  during a relaxed fairy tale  weekend in august, around paper and magic in my Kingdom.

What's the program Weekend?

I don't have a precise programm yet we may come back to things you didn't understand well in the workshops, we may  do some ornaments of Christmas 2018... It's going to be really relaxed with no pressure to  finish everything at the end of the sunday. But no worries I will keep you busy  :)

Who is it for ?

This weekend is opened to respectful and honest  Apprentice Magicians enrolled in one or more Workshops who  were sometimes "frustrated" by the limits of internet.  These past 2 years we have the facebook groups for each workshop, the Skypes and I know sometimes some apprentices wished there were something more!

So here it is! And it is open to 12 persons.

This weekend is not for everyone though I know  some Apprentice magicians have no interest in others, never took part to anything so obviously will not be very  happy in such a  weekend !

This weekend is only open to 12 persons as it takes place in my own home and can't have more than that (I don't offer rooms though you need to book hotels and accomodations in the city )

The other filter to join our weekend is obvioulsy honesty and respect. You are  invited  in my own private space for 2 days so I want to be sure that only respectful and honest people join the party, as it is my home (You may be surprised to read that but  if you knew what happened backstages from time to time.... You wouldn't be ;)


Saturday 18th: 9h30-18h30 (Fairy tale lunch break included )

Sunday 19th   : 9h30-18h30(Fairy tale lunch break included)

If some Apprentices have to leave earlier to catch a train on  sunday  evening no problem !

Where ?

In my Kingdom in St Etienne, France


When ?

August 18 and 19 2018.


What to do to book your seat ?


This is a free weekend but the seats are very limited so email me only when you are sure you have the ressources and free time to join us.This is an engagement so please only book your seat when you know for sure  you can come!

This weekend is opened to 12 persons,  the priority will be first given to those who have completed  their workshop,  joined our private groups or  skypes sessions(or both) and had an interest in the Apprentice magicians community.

I will reply to you in the 24hrs!


Name *

How to come in my Kingdom ?

Ifyou book your plane ticket and TGV ticket in advance you can have very nice deals! Once you know you have the ressources to come don't wait too long to book your plane and TGV ticket .

-Below I have showed you the connections, the time it takes especially with the TGV (very fast train) and TER (local train ) which are 2 different sort of trains

The TER is a local train between Lyon and  St etienne we have some trains every 20 minutes it doesn't need any booking or reservations. You can buy your ticket on a  machine in the Lyon's rail station like a metro ticket but for the TGV you need to book it in advance the earlier you book the cheaper it  is!


From New York:

New York--> Paris Roissy - Charles de Gaulle Airport+ TGV Roissy Charles de gaulle station to ---> Lyon Part Dieu  (1h50)+ local train (TER) Lyon Part-Dieu -->St Etienne Chateaucreux (40 min)


New York--> Lyon St Exupéry+ Airport train(35min)--->Lyon Part Dieu+ local train (TER) Lyon Part-Dieu -->St Etienne Chateaucreux (40 min)

From Brussel :

Fast Train (TGV) Brussel--> Lyon Part-Dieu (3h40)+ local train (TER) Lyon Part-Dieu -->St Etienne Chateaucreux (40min)


From Paris : Fast Train (TGV) Paris--> Lyon Part-Dieu (1h50) + local train (TER) Lyon Part-Dieu -->St Etienne Chateaucreux(40min)

From Lyon:

Local train (TER) Lyon Part-Dieu -->St Etienne Chateaucreux(40min)

From Geneva (Switzerland)

Local train (TER) Genève Cornavin to--> Lyon Part-Dieu  (2h50)(they are doing a lot of work on the rails these months so this connectionfrom Geneva  is much slower than usually) , -Lyon Part-Dieu->St Etienne Chateaucreux(40min)


Websites to compare and book  your plane ticket in advance

Just to give you an idea I chose New york -->Paris


Websites to book your train and airport train  tickets in France:

-Lyon  Airport train Rhône- Express (link between Lyon Saint exupéry airport and Lyon railstation)

Rhône express website

-TGV website to book your train if you come from Paris,  Brussel or London

- Eurostar Train website if you come from London or Amsterdam

-Easy jet low cost  plane tickets if you come from   London


Where to book  your hotel ?


You can check   and book your room near the center as I'm just close to place Jacquard. St Etienne downtown.


Air bnb website


I ve been asked about the campings, and  unfortunately e don't have  a lot of camping in St Etienne  downtown   they are all at about 15/20km from the center

-The closest one is this one in Pilat Regional Natural  Park  at St genest Malifaux>>>>>

(Pilat Regional Natural Park is a protected area  of mountainous countryside surrounding St Etienne  and covers a total area of 65,000 hectares, great for long hikes with beautiful Landscapes)


If you have other questions and don't see the reply here, let me know! email me !