Meet an Apprentice Magician: Desirée Schilte

For this second portrait I invite you to meet Desirée Schilte. She is a dutch Apprentice Magician who enrolled in the Dollhouse workshop in january 2017 .

".....(but everyone calls me Dees)I live in Holland. Married to the love of my life for 30 yrs now...two beautiful daughters and three adopted dogs from Spain. I have worked as a care taker in a home for people with mental/physical disabilities but now I am home and take care of my sweet mom and help out my sister in law who is ill.

Desirée surprised everyone in our Dollhouse FB group with her amazing miniatures and skills in working in tiny scale. Here are some images of her beautiful miniatures for the Dollhouse and pictures of her living room and the nursery :

"During the workshop making my dream dollhouse with Laetitia, which I enjoyed immensely, I started making small paintings for the dollhouse and heard myself saying " I could do this all day and be perfectly happy doing it!"
"I love being able to stay home and do all sorts of crafts."

For many years now she has been doing many different kind of crafts: quilting, embroidery, knitting, needlefelting drawing and painting.

Her love for animals is always somehow incorporated in what she makes....and so is her love for tiny things.

"Lately I have been concentrating on doing the miniatures of animals and loving the process! I am thinking about  doing a small exhibition in the future and perhaps turning a few favorites into fine art cards.

That would be my first step into a more professional approach. It's exciting thinking about it!

There is a small note stuck in front of me on my workdesk:  "Don't just dream ..DO"

That is the best advice I can ever give to someone including myself!"

I totally agree with that Desirée!

It is very exciting indeed ! We look forward to see her beautiful miniatures cards and prints !


You can find Desirée's miniatures and work in progress on her pages :

(The Dollhouse Workshop will be back at the end of december )