The Apprentice Magician School has been visited by truly precious passionate ladies and men, beginner crafters or skilled artists. You can read their words about my Workshops below, what they learned, what they liked...


When I heard about her upcoming workshops, I jumped at the chance to get a glimpse of her whimsical paradise










I 'm an Australian visual artist working mostly with fabric and paper. am also a painter. So I came to this course very confident in my skills. Even so, I have learnt such a lot of techniques .





Es ist so faszinierend wie atemberaubend sie mit diesen Papieren umgeht und aus diesem leichtem Material ein Kunstwerk zaubert.








I had some hesitation, wondering what the workshop would be like?

Would the instruction be clear enough?   


I loved that the lessons were challenging but with her help very achievable. If you hesitate to dive into these beautiful lessons in Laetitia's Workshop for any reason... DO IT!






She opens a whimsical realm of creativity and beauty through her workshops.




After many years of admiring Laetitia Mieral's art I was so very excited to be able to follow her workshop to make my own dream dollhouse out of





Totalement néophyte dans le travail du papier dont j’ignorais toutes les techniques, j’ai pu apprendre à modeler, sculpter


judith 1.jpg

 I had wanted to learn how to create with paper and the expertise that I gained was beyond my expectations !



Her explanations are clear and completly understandable in English. I followed her first videos and written instructions and was able to create a cat that I am very proud of and I know that anyone can do the same .



"If a novice such as myself can learn these paper techniques, anyone can.

And they are soooooo much fun to do!!!

I was not familiar with any paper techniques or paper sculpting before taking these classes.I had so much fun and learned so much from them. I love working with my hands and I knew

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"I had some experience with papier mache and using paper clay for hand sculpting but not using her techniques and certainly had no idea as to the sophistication of the methods that she uses and the amazing results that are possible with such basic materials.

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I recommend these workshops!!! I love Laetitia's work and I've enjoyed making the rabbit and his carriage because it's a beautiful combination of sculpture and painting with many, many details.

I'm also enrolled in Christmas course and I'm looking forward to starting the Dollhouse

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Please feel free to send me your experiences and share your own story after enrolling in one or several workshops !

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