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Apprentice Magicians Skype in June


Join our new group live sessions

I'm starting a new series of Skype group video calls open to every enrolled Apprentice magician starting, the first one will start the 1st weekend of june..

This event is only open to you if you are an enrolled Apprentice Magician.

Join the may skype group call on june, saturday 3rd, these video group calls are open to 12 persons max.

They are open to any apprentice magician enrolled in any workshop who needs help, advices, encouragements. You can book your seat in one of these sessions via email or filling the form below, just remind me which workshop you were enrolled in !

In June we will have 2 sessions saturday 3rd

  • at 10am Paris time- 10h

    • at 8pm Paris time- 20h


Name *


And it's totally free. Hope to see you here ! And to see how to install Skype on your computer click here !

The next sessions will take place in mid july and at the end of august.