Sleeping Beauty in the wood- The hour of disenchantment having come

"Trembling in his admiration he drew near and went on his knees beside her. At the same moment, the hour of disenchantment having come, the princess awoke, and bestowed upon him a look more tender than a first glance might seem to warrant. "

The prince is  on his knees to wake up Sleeping Beauty and  is arriving on Etsy today at 9pm Paris time.

Sleeping Beauty will join him tomorrow evening, I still have finishes to do on the fox and the dress of sleeping beauty  so she will arrive tomorrow. Sorry for the delay but it's a pretty big piece ! and it implies a pretty endless amount of details to finish ... but she will wake up very soon  !

The Vlog is also getting edited it should be all cooked and ready tomorrow evening as well :)

Le prince charmant, épée sur le coté, faucon sur l'épaule et montre à la main est tout prêt pour réveiller La belle Au Bois Dormant.

Il est ajouté sur Etsy ce soir lundi à 21h.  La Belle au bois dormant dort encore et est un peu en retard , je termine les détails du renard sur la lanterne et de sa robe et c'était beaucoup plus long que prévu .... Je monte aussi le Vlog assorti qui arrivera demain .