Cinderella, The rat, Glass Slippers ? in progress- Cinderella

The first Cinderella is waiting for her dress to be finished and a rat in progress is waiting for Cinderella… A small pumpkin carriage is also in progress.

And her slippers are also almost completed. I will come back on the Vlog on the controvery about the famous Glass slipper, there is a big debate on that after all the versions published since the 17th Century

We are breathing this weekend after this intense heat this week, a good storm has saved us at last yesterday night, Clochette and I are so thankful not to live in an oven anymore….

A weekly Vlog sharing all this characters in progress should be up on You Tube tomorrow or possibly monday.

And the first finished characters will be on Etsy on monday evening

Cendrillon, ses pantoufles et le rat sont bientôt terminés ils apparaitront en détail dans le prochain Vlog en ligne sur You Tube demain ou lundi, et les premiers personnages terminés de cette série seront sur Etsy lundi soir.