The Ram - Madame d'Aulnoy

The Ram under his golden pavilion is ready to welcome Merveilleuse and to invite her in his orange tree castle.

The Master-Ram told the Princess to consider herself the sovereign of these regions; that for some years past he had had much cause for sorrow and tears; but that it only depended on her to make him forget all his misfortunes.

The King Sheep’s Jacket has many miniatures, all inspired by the story: La fée Ragotte the fairy, the sheeps, the orange tree castle, the deer he was hunting before he was turned into a sheep, the pumpkin carriage driven by white goats.

He is the hero of this beautiful fairy tale written by Madame d’Aulnoy and is the first completed character from my new series, he will join Etsy tonight tuesday at 9pm

You will see him a lot on this weekends Vlog on You Tube.

Le Roi Mouton est prêt à accueillir Merveilleuse et à l’inviter dans son magnifique château de chèvrefeuille et d’orangers.

Son costume de dentelle de papier représente plusieurs scènes du conte: La fée Ragotte celle qui l’a métamorphosé en mouton, le carrosse citrouille et les chèvres, les moutons, la chasse au cerf et le palais d’orangers et chèvrefeuille.

Le roi mouton arrivera sur Etsy ce soir mardi à 21h et il sera aussi très présent dans mon Vlog hebdomadaire qui sera en ligne ce weekend.

Comme l’on était dans la plus belle saison de l’année, lorsque Merveilleuse arriva dans ces beaux lieux, elle ne vit point d’autres palais qu’une longue suite d’orangers, de jasmins, de chèvrefeuilles et de petites roses muscades, dont les branches entrelacées les unes dans les autres formaient des cabinets, des salles et des chambres toutes meublées de gaze d’or et d’argent, avec de grands miroirs, des lustres et des tableaux admirables.
— Le Mouton - Madame d'Aulnoy 1697-1698
As it was in the finest time of the year that Merveilleuse had arrived in these beautiful regions, she saw no other palace than what was formed by long lines of orange-trees, jasmins, honeysuckles, and little musk-roses, whose interlaced branches formed cabinets, halls, and chambers, all hung with gold and silver gauze, and furnished with large mirrors, lustres, and admirable paintings.
— The Ram- Madame d'Aulnoy
I thought myself lost, when I heard a voice which said to me, ‘No less fire could warm thy heart, ungrateful one!’ ‘Hah! who is it that complains of my coldness?’ said I. ‘An unfortunate who adores thee without hope,’ replied the voice. At the same moment the flames were extinguished, and I perceived a Fairy whom I had known from my earliest infancy, and whose age and ugliness had always horrified me.
— The Ram - Le Mouton - Madame d'Aulnoy 1697-1698